About Us

Batu Göker: Is a graduate of the Technical University Istanbul, Electrical Engineering department. Batu has more than 20 years of experience in the International Energy Business. He worked at International Energy Companies, at sales departments, established Turkey offices of Energy Companies, and worked as a Country Manager for various Energy Multi-Nationals. In 2017, he established BTW Power Generation Inc. with Emre to work directly with customers and provide them the most efficient and effective products and solutions in the Power Generation Market.

The products and solutions covered in BTW GEN portfolio are; Steam Turbines, Boilers, Maintenance and rehabilitation Services for both Turbines and Boilers, Axial and Centrifugal Compressors, Air preheaters, Gas-Gas Heaters, EPS’s, Bag Filters, HP-LP Feed Water Heaters, and Condensers

Batu Göker - Electrical Engineer
Istanbul Technical University
  • AEG-ETİ (Alstom, Areva)

    Marmara Region Sales Engineer

  • SIEMENS Energy Department

    KAM and Gas and Steam Turbines Sales Engineer

  • ABB Power Systems

    Energy Market Manager

  • DOOSAN Power Systems

    Sales Director

  • EU Montage

    Country Manager

Emre İlkin

Emre İlkin is a graduate of the Middle East Technical University, Mechanical Engineering department, Emre has more than 25 years of experience in different fields of Energy Business.

During his work he always extended his responsibility to setting up new offices, IT systems, stands at the exhibitions and managing these.

Emre and Batu established BTW Power Generation Solutions Inc. He has wide technical knowledge and business relations in the Balkan region and Africa countries.

Emre İlkin
Emre İlkin - Mechanical Engineer
Middle East Technical University
  • Waste Heat Boilers

    On the job trainee / Proposal Engineer

  • Babcock & Wilcox Gama, Ankara

    Proposal Engineer / Marketing Manager

  • Man Energy Systems, Istanbul

    Sales Manager & Project Manager – Gas Turbines

  • İltekno , Istanbul

    Deputy General Manager- Cogeneration Systems

  • Voith Hydro, Ankara

    Sales Manager for Large & Small Hydro

  • BFL Hydro, Bangalore

    Regional Manager